Varallo Sesia

Gravellona Toce

It was inhabited already 2500 years ago: excavations have shown graves, archaeological findings, guns, foundations of palaces belonging to different centuries and cultures. Scientists and archaeologists put the findings in the "Antiquarium". When you visit it, if you want to remember the past it is necessary to be very attentive. In each epoch Gravellona Toce has been important for its position, at the beginning of Ossola valley, it is the obliged passage between Switzerland and the Ticino plain. Gravellona Toce is the second industrial and commercial centre (the first is Omegna) to the mountain community of Cusio Mottarone. After about 2 Km you face the fascinating landscape: on one side the river Toce with its low banks plenty of grass and mountain pastures, with Ornavasso, the first village of the Val d'Ossola; on the other Cerano mountain, with roads, mountain pastures, grass and woods, then you find Mottarone with its asphalted streets, leading to a quarry of pink granite. Granerolo, a fraction of Omegna, offers you a beautiful view of Orta's Lake.